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Call Turkmenistan for less!
Joy Telecom offer fantastic International Calls to Turkmenistan landlines and Turkmenistan Mobiles from any UK landline. Below you can see the fantastic call rates we offer. But for more information about how you can get cheap international calls to Turkmenistan then please don't hesitate to contact us.

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0872 171 1111
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Turkmenistan - Mobile
0872 171 1111
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Country code for Turkmenistan: 00993

International Calls to Turkmenistan
Are you looking for
International Calls to Turkmenistan, to contact family or friends? Then look no further then the international calling service from Joy Telecom. Joy Telecom is committed in providing customers with International Calls to Turkmenistan.

In choosing Joy Telecom you can make International Calls to Turkmenistan without all the hassles of using a normal pre pay service. With convenience in mind, Joy Telecom has designed this service so that customers get the best price when wanting to make International Calls to Turkmenistan.

With our service, there are no pre-paid cards, no set up charge, no credit card payments, no registration fees, no separate bills, per second billing and no connection charge. This means that we can give customers who wish to make International Calls to Turkmenistan on a regular basis a cheap, no frills option that benefits all of our customers.

With this no frills service you are guaranteed a perfect line connection when making your International Calls to Turkmenistan. This means that from anywhere in the UK you are able to make International Calls to Turkmenistan on a regular basis. We offer a price of just 10p per minute, which makes our cheap calls to Turkmenistan better than any calls made from a UK Landline.

So if you require to make International Calls to Turkmenistan, or just simply find out how Joy Telecom can make a big difference to all your international calling please follow the links to our home page. Here you will find information on all of our services including our International Calls to Turkmenistan.


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