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The Joy Telecom international call service is provided by Bluecom (UK) Ltd. Calls are not subject to a maximum duration. Calls to the Joy Telecom access number will be shown on your usual telephone bill. Calls made from a BT landline will be charged at the advertised price (price includes VAT). Rates may vary according to your service provider. Calls from a mobile phone may be charged at higher rates, please confirm with your service provider before calling. Calls are charged at the rate listed. Callers must obtain the bill payers permission before using this service. All calls will be charged on a per min basis from any UK landline. Calls from mobiles may be higher please check with your service provider for details. Callers are advised to replace the handset after a short period if they hear an engaged or unanswered ringing tone. Callers are also advised that a charge will be incurred if the destination number is engaged or the call is not answered. Bluecom (UK) Ltd reserves the right to withdraw number ranges from service without prior notice at any time. Persons under the age of 18, may use this number, but must obtain permission from the bill payer before using the number. Whilst Bluecom (UK) Ltd endeavour to maintain service we make no warranties as to the reliability, accessibility or quality of service. Bluecom (UK) Ltd does not accept any liability for any direct, indirect or consequential losses in relation to the provision of the service, howsoever caused; this includes but is not limited to loss of connection. Should you pass the number to friends or family for usage, please ensure all users of the Joy Telecom call service are aware of these terms and conditions.
This service is provided by Bluecom (UK) Ltd. For customer service please call 08448 999 150.