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Massive Savings on Calls to the USA!

Joy Telecom offers fantastic low rates to USA landlines and USA Mobiles from any
UK landline. Below you can see the fantastic call rates we offer. But for more information about how you can get cheap calls to India then please don't hesitate to contact us.
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0844 732 1111
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0844 732 1111
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Country code for USA: 001

   Area Area Code
   Boston, MA
   Cleveland, OH
   Dallas, TX
   Hollywood, CA
   New York City (Brooklyn), NY
   New York City (Queens), NY
   New York City(Bronx), NY
   New York City(Manhattan), NY
   New York City(Staten Island),
   Washington, DC

Cheap calls to USA

Do you need cheap calls to USA at just 2p per minute? Then look no further. Here at Joy Telecom we offer all our customers a fabulous service so you can make cheap calls to USA.

You can make your cheap calls to USA from any landline phone in the UK. You can also phone mobiles as well as the conventional landline phones in the USA. This service is specifically designed for customers who need to make cheap calls to USA to family, friends or even business.

Joy Telecom’s hassle free service has been designed to give customers an alternative to the conventional pre-pay service that is offered to customers who wish to make cheap calls to USA. The reason why this service is so hassle free is the fact that you don’t have the usual pre-paid cards, no set up charge, no credit card payments, no registration fees, no separate bills, per second billing and no connection charge.

Many of the services, that companies offer customers (which want and need cheap calls to USA) are unreliable and have hidden charges that customers don’t know about. Here at Joy Telecom you will know all of the charges up front when making your cheap calls to USA. With Joy Telecom’s service we have an ‘upfront’ pricing policy with no hidden charges and allows you to pay as you go as opposed to the pre-credit service that other company’s offer.

A cheap call to USA doesn’t have to mean a load of extra hidden charges. The call charges that you see are the only charges that we charge. Please visit our homepage to find out more about our cheap calls to USA plus all of our other great services, which Joy Telecom can offer you…


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